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Evening Capes, Coats, Jackets and Shawl 1

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Faux Capes and Jackets
1940s Jacket #1.
Black faux fur wool coat with three quarter length cuffed sleeves, patch hip pockets and one button closure at collar. Fully lined. Great condition, size medium (12). $68.00

Stoles & Shawls
Dark brown Ultra Soft muskrat stole with small collar. Cape cut.  23" from shoulder to end of front. 17" from neck to end of cape in back. Fully lined in silk satin. "Morton's". Great condition, size M/L (12/14). $89.00
1940s fur shawl #2.
Auburn mink shawl with front pockets.  27" from shoulder to end of front. 17" from neck to end of cape in back. Close ups. Fully lined in satin. 
Great condition (Few moth hole in lining), size M/L(12/14). $98.00

1950s shawl #6.

Ivory faux fur stole with collar and gray strip pattern and front pockets.  33" from shoulder to end of front, 19" in the back. Fully lined in satin.  Great condition, size S/M (10/12).  $72.00
fursamp01Collars And Capsfursamp02
1940s collar #1.

Cream fox fur collar with brown tips, full and fluffy! Back view. 38" across tip to tip, satin lined. Excellent condition.

    1950s collar #3.
    Brown mink collar with quilt lining.
    26" around the neck, 5" wide and ripple pinch.  Excellent condition. $36.00

1950s collar #4.

Soft light brown coyote collar with quilt lined backing. 30" from tip to tip, 4" wide at back. Great condition. $68.00
1950s collar #5. 
Snappy dark brown otter fur collar. 35"X 5" around the inside collar.  Close up. Quilt lined. 
Great condition. $52.00

1950s collar #6. 
Soft blond sable collar with quilted backing, big lapels and slim back. 38" tip to tip long X 8" wide lapels, 2" back.
Excellent condition. $52.00
1950s collar #9. 
Blond mink fur collar with hook closure. 24"X 5" around the neck. Satin lined
Great condition. $32.00
1960s collar #10. 
Tan blond mink fur collar with hook closure. 25"X 5" around the neck. Quilt lined
Great condition. $34.00
1950s collar #11.

Black fox fur collar perfect for suit coat! 23" across tip to tip, 2.5" wide. Back is quilted. Great condition. $32.00
    1950s collar #12.
    Brown badger fur collar. 29"X 4" from tip to tip, satin lined. Under view.
    Excellent condition. $32.00

1950s collar #13.
Big sable collar with 8" wide by 24" from the shoulder to end of front. The back is 8" wide. Linedin silk. Gently used.
Great condition. $68.00
1940s fur collar #14. 
Soft full length muskrat collar in grays. The collar jets across the shoulders and cascades down the front. Satin lined and is meant to be attached to a coat with out a collar. 7" across the collar, 5" wide long, and 39" from shoulder to end of collar. Silk  lining. Great condition  $72.00
Links-O-Minks & Collars
    1914 collar #1. 
    Soft curly cream sheep fox collar with glass eyes, silk backing, cross over celluloid chain and clip grip. 33" long X 3.5" wide.
    Great condition (dusty). $78.00
1900s collar #2. 
Soft black silk and marabou collar with silk tie and feather tassel. 31" long, 20" tie.  Side view.
Great condition. $78.00

1940s links of minks #2.
brown 7 minks collar with glass eyes and tails. Front ball snap or mouth clips. Each mink is 25" long from head to tail. Can be worn a few ways. Excellent condition.

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