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1940s ascot #1.

1940s ascot #2.
Rayon cream ascot with  4" fringe.  Close up. Approx. 44" by 13."  Great condition. 

1950s ascot #3.
Silk/rayon ivory ascot with checkered pattern and slight fringe. Close up. Approx. 39" by 8."  Great condition .   $28.00

1950s ascot #4.
Silk/ rayon ivory ascot with Asian pattern and 2" fringe.  Close up. Approx. 46" by 9."
(small spot) Great condition.  $36.00
Vintage Suspenders

new1950s Suspenders #02.
Gray elastic suspenders with gray braid button ends and adjustable straps. Single back strap. Great condition.

1950s Suspenders #03.

1950s Suspenders #04.
Burgundy elastic suspenders with gold tone clip snap ends and adjustable straps. Double back strap. Great condition. $22.00

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