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Blouses and Tops

1930's blouse 9 1930s blouse #1. Black silk full length sleeve blouse with front vertical pleats, glass buttons, hidden snap front and tie neck line. Fabricclose up. Great condition, size medium 34B (12).

 1940s blouse #2. Raspberry rayon file short sleeve blouse with leather buttons. Upper chest pockets button also. Great condition (couple light spots), size L. 36B (14). 

blws11 1950s blouse #3. Black cotton linen short sleeve crop blouse with button front that continues up the collar. Great condition(Repair on inside), size L. 36B (14).

1950s blouse #4. Red rayon crepe' short sleeve blouse with ribbed button front detail pattern. Peter Pan collar with snap neck, tuck in style. "Patty Woodard". Great
condition (small pin hole on sleeve, light subtle spots), size M. 34B (10/12). 

1950s blouse #5. Black rayon crepe' short sleeve blouse with waist pinch pleats, high neck and ornate rhinestone detail on front yoke. Covered  button back. "Gotham". Great condition, (repair on sleeve, pin hole in back), size M. 34B (12). $32.00

1950s blouse #6. Nifty celery yellow combed cotton short sleeve blouse with button front and Mid Century pattern. "Truly Regal". Great condition (some fading and slight dis-coloration), size medium 34/36B (12/14).

1950s blouse #7. Powder pink nylon short sleeve Blouse with high neck and ornate front detail. Button back.  Close ups. Size L /14-16 (36-C). Great condition (couple light spots).

  1960's blouse #8. Cool translucent nylon floral print over taffeta print lining. Three quarter length sleeves, high neck and scalloped detail on neck, sleeves and hem line. Button back.  Close ups.  Great condition, size M 36B (12/14). $28.00

1950s Bowling Shirt 9. Black Cotton linen short sleeve crop shirt with button front, ornate Pin and Crown detail on front pocket. Back has needle point "Julie, J&S Markets, Santa Rosa General" pattern.  "Hilton" label. Great condition, size M. (36) 

Vintage Bowling Shirt

1960s Blouse # 10. Combed Cotton short sleeve crop shirt in cream with button front, Roman and Jewl pattern.  "Minicare" label. Great condition, size M. (36) 

1960s blouse #11. Fabulous Red Satin Rock a Billy Western Blouse with black shoulder panels. 15" shoulder, 23" from shoulder to end of cuff. 34B" bust, 28" waist. 26" from shoulder to end of blouse. "Stephanie K, by Koret". Size M /12. Excellent condition. $34.00

1960s blouse 12. Groovy Dacron polyester long sleeve blouse in white with Mod black dot pattern. High neck, button back and incut waist. "Ship and Shore" label. Great condition (couple tiny snags), size M. (34) 

dicky05 1950 dickey #1.  Ivory rayon dickey with front and back panel that tie on the sides. High neck, Pleat vertical with buttons on front. Size 10. Great condition. $22.00

dicky06 1950 dickey #2.  Pink organza dickey with front pleats and back panel that tie on the side. High neck with bow detail.  Size 10. Great condition. $22.00


1950s sweater #1. Black knit cocktail crop sweater with Tan beaded and silk trim detail around the neck, front,hip line and sleeves. Hook front and sides, Lined. Excellent condition, size M, 34B (12).  $46.00

1950s sweater #2. Super Cute Cream knit crop sweater with elbow length sleeve, button at beaded neck line and bead work on front and around sleeves. "Yours Casually". Un-Lined. Great condition, size M 34B (12).

1950s sweater #3.Long sleeve ivory wool sweater with white beaded detail on the front,sleeves and back. Shell button front, lined. Great condition (couple missing beads, slight fade), size m, 34B (12).  $38.00

1950s sweater #4.Long sleeve ivory wool sweater with cream satin and black lace detail on the collar and sleeves. Button front, lined. Great condition(couple tiny spots), size Sm, 34B (10).  $32.00
Pencil, Circle & Flaired Skirts

 1930s skirt #1.
Light weight rayon crepe' Black flared skirt with side button and zipper. 24" waist, 28" from waist to end of skirt. "Sherwood Forest". Great condition,Size 8.

lskrt01 1950s skirt #3.
Wool plaid pencil skirt in browm black and reds.
The skirt is 28" from waist to end of skirt and has side zipper and small hip pockets.Excellent condition, Dead Stock with tags. Size 10/12 (26" waist, 46"hips).  $38.00

lskrt3 1950s skirt #4.
Wool  pumpkin pencil skirt with color fleck.
The skirt is 24" from waist to end of skirt, lined and has side zipper. Excellent condition. Size 10 (24" waist, 36" hips). 

lskrt04 1950s skirt #5
Black corduroy full skirt with folded side pockets, with back zipper. Close up. The skirt is 29" from waist to end of skirt. Excellent condition,size 8 (24" waist, 46" hips).  $38.00

lskrt031950s skirt #6.
Navy wool flared skirt with back zipper. Fabric sample.
"Murrs of California". Great condition, size 12/14 (28" waist, 31" long ). $36.00

lskrt21950s skirt #7.
Wool pleated reversible skirt in gray/blues/cream and yellow plaid. Side zipper.
"Pendleton" label. Great condition, size 8/10 (24" waist, 28" long). $38.00

 lskrt41960s skirt #8.
Teal, gray and cream plaid pencil skirt with cross over and button  fringe front side. The skirt is 29" from waist to end of skirt. Excellent condition, size 8 (24" waist, 36" hips). $38.00

1960s skirt #9.
Wool wrap-around skirt in green/cream and cinnamon plaid. Front is flat with side bucket and pleated back.
Great condition, size 8/10 (24" waist, 25" long).

 lskrt71950s skirt #10.
Wool wrap-around skirt in blue/cream and brown plaid. Front is flat with side bucket and pleated back.
Great condition, size 10/12 (26" waist, 25" long).
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