Men's Vintage Eyeglasses

All eyeglass frames are "One Of a Kind" and in wearable condition and guaranteed by our local optometrist.
All frames can be adjusted to your face! Please remember, these are authentic Vintage frames and have been worn by real men in the Victorian through the 1960s. The prescription lenses have been taken out of the full  frames and left for patterns on the partial and rimless frames. Although in great condition, they may have a flaw or two which do not compromise the look or sturdiness of the frames!

Measurements are from temple to temple, then temple to ear arch bend.
(Shipping for eyeglass frames is $6.00 in the US. Insurance added on frames over $50.00.) International Orders, Please send invoice request!

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For bulk or International Orders, request an invoice!

Victorian Specs & Frames
How do you wear your Frames?!
1920's - 1940's Frames

  • 20sfrms02 1920's frames #1. Silver plate round frames and extended earpieces. Ornate etching on frames and nose bridge (needs nose pads).10.5 cm  across, 4. cm  lens. Great condition. $89.00

  • mfrms06 1940s frames #2.  Gold GF  wire frames with wrap around earpieces. Straight bar nose bridge.11 cm across. With case. $52.00
1950s Frames

  • mfrms6 1950s frames #1. Black plastic frames. 11.5cm across. "Temple flex". (5.3/4) Great condition (Couple scratches)$46.00

  • mfrms33 1950s frames #2. Black plastic frames and arms with white inlay, silver wire under frame. 12.5 cm across. 4 1/4-5 1/2. "B&L". 18-44. Great condition.  $52.00

  • mfrms20 1950s frames #4. Black plastic frames and arms. (50/22), 12.5 cm across. "AO". Great condition$58.00

  • mfrms8 1950s frames #5. Gray transparent plastic frames with clear arms. (48/20), 13 cm across. "B&L Safety". Great condition (tiny scratch on front)$52.00

  • mfrms3 1950s frames #6. Gray translucent plastic frames with chrome arms. T-30, 13 cm across. "Fendall". Great condition.  $54.00

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