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Cocktail and Formal hats
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Hat sizes are for hats that fit around to head or tagged on the inside. Most hats sit on top of the head and don't require a size. The ladyquin has a 22 hat size for your reference!
1950s hat.
Black file head band with bow ribbon flair on sides and front netting. "Marshall". Great condition
(net tears). $28.00

1950s hat
Black wreath cocktail hat with dot detail on netting. Great condition (net

1950s hat.
Back velvet cocktail hat with satin loop detail around the edge. Side grips for sure fit, front netting.  Great condition (tears
in net).
1950s hat.
Darling black velvet cocktail bird cage hat in velvet padded cord. "Maison Mendessolle".
Great condition
1950's Hat.
Black velvet and satin cocktail hat with overlapping bows, with netting.
(couple tears) "Union".  Great condition (22).
1950's Hat.
Black velvet and satin cocktail hat with overlapping bows, with brow netting.
(couple tears) Great condition (22).
1950s hat
  Black satin cord cocktail hat with overlapping loops, full netting with dots. (few net tears) Great condition.
1950s hat
  Black silk cocktail hat with overlapping bows, front netting. (couple tears) "Dayne".  Great condition (22). $38.00

1950s hat.
White feather headband hat with black velvet frame and bow in back. Full front netting. Great condition (couple tiny tears
). $32.00
1950s hat .
Brown velvet wreath cocktail hat with velvet ribbon bow on top and fish net netting. "Joseph Magnin". Great condition. (net tears). $28.00

1950s hat.
Navy cocktail formal hat with big velvet dots and a bow on top.  Side view. Close up. Great condition. $28.00
1950s hat.
Black cocktail formal hat with tope and black velvet flower  leafs.  Side view. Close up. Great condition. $28.00 

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