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Shipping for hats can be from $5.00 to $8.00 in the US, depending on weight and size of box.
Cocktail and Formal hats

You can still pay without having a PayPal account! Orders from out of the US, Please contact Jabot's for proper shipping cost!
Hat sizes are for hats that fit around to head or tagged on the inside. Most hats sit on top of the head and don't require a size. The ladyquin has a 22 hat size for your reference!
1950s hat.
Powder Blue Sequine evening hat with scalloped sides for sure Fit!Excellent condition. (23) $32.00
1950s hat.
Cream raffia weave headband with overlapping circle pattern. Great condition. $32.00
1950s hat
Gold sequin pill box evening hat with netting detail on front. "Union" label. Great condition. 

1950s hat
Rust felt dress hat with bronze bead work on 2.5" brim and top. Side view. "Filbert Orcel". Top view. Excellent condition. $32.00

1950s hat
  Pink felt dress hat with pearly sequins around front and crown. Great condition (couple light spots) (22). $28.00

1950s hat.
Mustard velvet Cocktail hat with braided front rim. Side
view. With netting. Great condition (couple tears in net)$28.00
1950s hat.
Light Blue wreath formal birdcage hat with front netting and bow. Great condition.

1950s hat .
Pink net formal hat with top bow and pink flowers. Side view. Close up. Great condition.

1950s hat .
Turquoise net formal hat with bow top and big front net. Side view. Close up. Great condition. $26.00

1950s hat.
Blue velvet and purple satin evening head band with over lapping bows. Great condition.

1950s hat .
Beautiful pink velvet evening hat with rhinestone and bead top detail. Side view. "Replica de Parisenne".  Great condition.  $38.00

1950s hat
  Tan straw weave formal hat with lief pattern. Front netting (tears in netting). Great condition. (22)$32.00

1950s hat
Tan and dark brown velvet formal hat with velvet bows and dotted front netting. Side view.  Great condition. (22). $34.00

1950s hat.  
Cream weave cocktail hat with green bow on top with full netting. Side view.
Great condition



50's hat 87
1950s hat.
Darling cocktail hat in black and green feathers. Great condition
. $36.00

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