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    1930s collar #1.
    White lace collar and cuff tips with flower pattern. 5"X 8"& 4"X 7'. Great condition.  $18.00

    1940s collar #2
    Cream cape collar with textured cotton, ornate lacy edging. 7" from neck end of collar. Great condition.  $22.00

    1950s collar #3
    Cream yoke front cape collar with lace incerts and scalloped edging. 6.5" wide collar. Snap back. Great condition.  $22.00

    1930s collar #4
    Black dressy sequin collar on brussels net. 28". Great condition.  $22.00

    1950s collar #5
    Has 1.5" mink with pumpkin velvet lining and cord front tie closure. 13" neck. Great condition.  $10.00

    1950s collar #6. 
    Has 2." rabbit fur with satin lining and hook closure. 14" neck. Great condition.  $18.00

    1940s collar #7
    Tan jabot collar with needle point and rhinestone pattern. 39" tip to tip. "G Howard Hodge". Great condition.  $22.00
    1950s collar #8. 
    Gray and cream taffeta jabot collar in stripe pattern. 7"X 36" tip to tip. Great condition. $14.00
    1950s collar #9
    Tope and cream taffeta jabot collar in stripe pattern. 7"X 36" tip to tip. Great condition. $14.00
    1950s collar #10
    Lace collar in white with butterfly and floral pattern. 7" back and 3" front. Button front. 18" neck. Great condition.  $22.00
    1950s collar #11
    White crochet' collar with layerd floral detail. 20" neck. Great condition.  $22.00

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